[Met_help] MM5 GRIB1 format

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Wed May 6 15:29:57 MDT 2009


Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with MM5 data formats to offer any
suggestions on how you might go about converting your MM5 data into a GRIB
format for use with MET.  We primarily deal with WRF data at the
Developmental Testbed Center (DTC).

However, by coincidence, on the same day we received your MET-Help
request, we received a help request from a different user who is using MM5
data.  He was able to convert it from sigma levels to pressure levels and
write out GRIB verison 1 files for use with MET.  I've written him to ask
for details on how he went about it.

I'll pass along any information or advice I hear from him to you.

John Halley Gotway
johnhg at ucar.edu

> Dear Sir,
> We have downloaded the METv2.0 software and installed. Our aim is to use
> this package for the model evaluation of MM5 model over the India
> region. However the MM5 files cannot be directly read by METv2.0 and
> needs to be converted in GRIB format. Are there tools developed for
> conversion of MM5 files to the compatible grib format required by
> METv2.0. Please advise
> thanks and regards
> C.V.Srinivas
> Scientist E
> Radiological Safety Divison
> Kalpakkam , India
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