[Met_help] Running point stat

Gurer, Kemal@ARB kgurer at arb.ca.gov
Tue May 5 17:53:50 MDT 2009

Dear sirs,


I am in the learning stage of MET, so please excuse my inexperience in
using the software, and questions that I will have.


I am trying to run point_stat by following the instructions within the
user documentation; however, the output files are still empty although
there is no error message. When I installed the MET, I ran the test
script, which didn't indicate any error that MET wasn't working
properly. I also updated the MET modules by installing the patch tar
file, and compiling the code. I am comparing MM5 output with point
observations for time period between January 1, 2000 and January 4,
2000, as an example. I first converted MM5 sigma levels to MM5 pressure
levels, and created grib1 file from there as forecast file. Then, I
converted ascii point observations to netcdf file. When I check the
contents of each file, they all have reasonable values (to the best of
my knowledge). But, obviously there is either some data that is not
quite right, or I am doing something wrong, including the setup of
configuration file, and as a result I don't get any error or any result.


Could you please help me in identifying my error by reviewing the
contents of the attached tar file, which has the input (obs netcdf ,
content of gribfile input, output, and configuration files, and my
command at the prompt, and its output? 


Thank you very much in advance. With regards,



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