[Met_help] MODE inputs

Holmberg, Shelley soholmbe at uncc.edu
Wed Feb 18 12:26:38 MST 2009


I have been working with the MODE tool within MET off and on for a year now.  I have to tool properly configured as it will work with the canned data and some of my own data.  My main issue is that I am trying to compare 1 or 3 hour surface accumulations of rainfall from WRF output (convective and grid scale) and Stage IV observations.  I have successfully used copygb and pcp_combine to format the Stage IV obs. but with the modeled data, I haven't been able to: add the rainc and rainnc variables; get the proper accumulation period; and then write out a netcdf or GRIB file.  Is there a program available that will properly process my modeled data?

Thank you!
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