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Case, Jonathan (MSFC)[] Jonathan.Case-1 at nasa.gov
Wed Feb 18 09:51:35 MST 2009



I want to thank you for steering me to use point_stat in MET v2 Beta.  I
just ran point_stat with a single station subset for a narrow time
window around one forecast output time.  Unlike METv1.1 which used ALL
observations in the pb2nc output file to compute error stats, the
METv2beta output from point_stat  only used the observation(s) occurring
in the valid_beg and valid_end time window that I passed point_stat.   


This is definitely a much more desirable way to handle the verification
stats in point_stat as opposed to the method in METv1.1.  Now, I only
need to run pb2nc once (which tends to take a LONG time to complete when
processing the global PREPBUFR gdas1.* files), and can then run any
combination of point_stat which seems to run quite fast.


Once again, thanks for all your recent help.  I think the two of us have
single-handedly populated the MET help emails in the last 2 weeks!



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