[Met_help] beginner's point_stat question

Case, Jonathan (MSFC)[] Jonathan.Case-1 at nasa.gov
Fri Feb 13 15:24:26 MST 2009

Hello MET users,


I'm just getting started with point_stat, and I was wondering how should
I pair up the OBS with the GRIB FCST files?  


In my first attempt, I gave point_stat a single WRF forecast file valid
at 21z, along with a whole day's worth of observations converted over
using pb2nc.   At first glance, it looks like pb2nc took all the
observations and differences them against the single forecast output
file.   I suspect this is what happened because I specified a single
observation site in mask_stations (KHSV), I saw a TOTAL count of 26 in
the point_stat_....._cnt.txt file.  This seems to suggest that
point_stat used all observations from the daily netcdf file to verify
the single forecast time.  


Therefore, should I be merging all the individual hourly WRF GRIB files
into a single file containing all the times?  Or should I be parsing the
observations differently when running pb2nc?  


Thanks in advance for the suggestions.



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