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Here is a nice description that John wrote about the output. I  
apparently neglected to include it in the new documentation. Thank you  
for catching the omission.


1. For the “ROW_MEAN_WDIR” line, each of the input VL1L2 lines is  
treated separately and given equal weight.  The mean forecast wind  
direction, mean observation wind direction, and the associated error  
are computed for each of these lines.  Then the means are computed  
across all of these forecast wind directions, observation wind  
directions, and their errors.

2. For the “AGGR_WDIR” line, the input VL1L2 lines are first  
aggregated into a single line of partial sums where the weight for  
each line is determined by the number of points it represents.  From  
this aggregated line, the mean forecast wind direction, observation  
wind direction, and the associated error are computed and written out.

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> Subject: stat analysis wind direction question (UNCLASSIFIED)
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> Hello,
>     Can someone explain to me what ROW_MEAN_WDIR and AGGR_WDIR are (as
> in the results I got pasted at the end of this message)?  I've looked,
> but can't find an explanation.
>     I'm having multiple problems with StatAnalysis, but will take a
> fresh look at it tomorrow before I ask for more help.
> Thank you,
> Barb Sauter
> bsauter at arl.army.mil
> (575) 678-2840
> **************************************************
> JOB_LIST:       -job aggregate_stat -obtype ADPSFC -line_type VL1L2
> -out_line_type WDIR
>     COL_NAME: TOTAL FBAR      OBAR      ME        MAE
> ROW_MEAN_WDIR: 50    337.21149 319.26266 -13.29803 20.94271
>    AGGR_WDIR: 1063  334.55875 317.01885 -17.53990 NA
> Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: NONE
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