[Met_help] Met questions

Ed Tollerud edward.tollerud at noaa.gov
Wed Nov 19 14:56:24 MST 2008


We have expanded the list of models that we seek to verify using MET
with point data to include RUC, GFS, and others (!!!!) in addition to
our WRF ensemble (ARW, NMM, ARW with different versions of
microphysics). Since processing so far has been performed using LFMPost
(our local postprocessor), our plan now is to create MET-compatible GRIB
versions for all these using LFMPost instead of WPP. My understanding is
that 'compatible' means  in pressure coordinates on a regular
(non-staggered) grid. Are there other GRIB-related factors that we also
need to consider? Do output fields need to have a certain name or units
(to match WRFpost maybe) or that always designated in the MET command



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