[Met_help] Alaska

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Thu Jun 12 14:17:45 MDT 2008


Thanks for your interest in MET.  To answer your question, yes, MET could very easily be run over an Alaska domain.  In fact, the approximately 400 people who have downloaded MET represent over 30 

It may be true that the examples shown in the user's guide only show the lower 48.  But MET should (hopefully) run fine over any domain on the globe.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding compiling and running MET.

The next version of MET, version 1.1, should be available within the next month.  It includes several enhancements and bug fixes.  So when you receive an email about its release, I'd suggest grabbing it.

Thanks and good luck,
John Halley-Gotway
johnhg at ucar.edu

Nicole Mölders wrote:
> Dear Ladies and Sirs,
> does the evaluation package work for Alaska? Reading the tutorial and 
> the available web pages I got the impression that MET1.0 only works for 
> the Lower 48s. What would i have to do to modify it for Alaska. Thank 
> you very much for your info.
> Best regards
> yours
> Nicole Mölders

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