[Met_help] Re: New Version of Met on Gale?

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Thu Dec 4 13:56:00 MST 2008


I'm not too familiar with the reanalysis II dataset.  If that data is point data, you'd use the Grid-to-Point tool called "Point-Stat".  If the reanalysis II data is gridded, you'd use the
Grid-to-Grid tool called "Grid-Stat".

I'll went ahead and built METv1.1 on gale for you to use.  I updated it with all of the bug fixes from the MET website.  You can find the code in:

I had to delete the METv1.0 version that was there because I had exceeded by disk quota.

Thanks and good luck,

Erik Noble wrote:
> Hi John, I tried going through the MET Tutorial using the version of MET you
> installed on the Gale computer in scd.It is v1.0.
> Do I need to use v1.1?
> second My adviser is asking me to quickly figure out a way to compare WRF
> forecasts to reanalysis II. To do this would only involve the Point-Grid
> tool, right?
> -Erik

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