[Met_help] Problem with PrepBufr files

kayee at atmos.ucla.edu kayee at atmos.ucla.edu
Fri Aug 15 21:15:36 MDT 2008


I am a beginner of MET, and I encountered the following problem while
running pb2nc.

Here is the error message I got:

/home/kayee/METv1.1 126> bin/pb2nc \
data/2000_obs/prepbufr/obs.20000726/gdas1.t00z.adpsfc.tm00.bufr_d \
out/pb2nc/obs.20000726_t00z.nc \
data/config/PB2NCConfig \
-v 2 \
Reading Config File:    data/config/PB2NCConfig
Creating NetCDF File:   out/pb2nc/obs.20000726_t00z.nc
Reading PrepBufr File: 
PrepBufr Time Center:   20000725_210000
Searching Time Window:  20000725_210000 to 20000725_220000
Processing 40869 PrepBufr messages...

ERROR: process_pbfile() -> the observation time should remain the same for
all PrepBufr messages: 964562400 != 964558800

Do you know why I get this error? I don't know how prepbufr time center is

I hope someone can help, thanks a lot!


Ka Yee Wong

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