[Met_help] Precip verification

Lacey Holland lholland at ucar.edu
Mon Oct 15 17:24:04 MDT 2007

Hi, Luke!

Earlier in my response about the prepbufr data archive you found at 
NCDC, I didn't realize you intended you use those files for precip 
Unfortunately, there are no raingauge data in prepbufr files -- at least 
to my knowledge.  The variables in there are limited to T,P,Q, U,V, and 
Z, I believe.

ncdump only works on files in NetCDF format.  However, the pb2nc 
executable in MET should allow you to dump out the contents of a 
prepbufr file using the -dump option.

Currently, there isn't really a way of doing raingauge-based precip 
verification using MET.  However, this would be a functionality that 
would be important to add in a future release!

Thanks for the responses and take care,
--Lacey Holland

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Thanks John:

The reason that I am interested in gauge data in prepbufr files is that I am
going to attempt to verify precip in non-conus regions.  I am trying to
become comfortable using MET over areas with high observation population
with hope of being able to use my methods in areas with less dense
observations.  Precipitation verification using guage data may be my only
option if I wish to verify accumulated precip.

I would like to "see" what is in the nam prepbufr files available via the
MET download page.  I am unable to get ncdump to give me a list of variables
available in the data.

 I wish I could just try the global prepbufr data set from NCDC but I can't
justify purchasing a global data set without showing that I will be able to
use it for precip verification.   Any suggestions?


Lacey Holland

UCAR/NCAR, Research Applications Laboratory
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO  80307
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