[Met_help] Re: MET Update

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Wed Nov 28 14:47:26 MST 2007


Great, I'm glad you guys were able to get things to work on your end.

We had heard that same issue from another user recently as well.  On some systems, the g2c library is available for use and will work in place of the f2c library.  Lacey Holland in our group is
working on providing a more thorough "commonly asked questions" section on the MET website in conjunction with the next release of MET.  I know that explaining the f2c vs g2c issue is one of the items
on her list.


Jeff Zielonka wrote:
> Hi John,
> Unfortunately I haven't had as much opportunity as I would have liked to
> work with MET recently, but one of my colleagues was finally able to
> address the issue we were having regarding the pb2nc tool not compiling
> on our system. I wanted to keep you informed about what has been done
> here, so here is an excerpt from an e-mail he sent me recently.
> "We needed to change the library link ‘-lf2c’ in the Fortran compilation
> flags explicitly to ‘-lg2c’, in order to be consistent with the g77
> Fortran compiler. Without this change, a number of unresolved function
> call errors appeared in the compilation output. There were also some
> minor modifications needed to the WRF postprocessor package: e.g., we
> bypassed the call to Eta microphysical tables since we do not use that
> particular package."
> It seems like it was a pretty simple fix...maybe it just needed a fresh
> set of eyes to look at it. I will keep you updated on any new progress.
> - Jeff Zielonka

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