[Met_help] Plotting VSDB files.

Lacey Holland lholland at ucar.edu
Mon Nov 12 15:27:01 MST 2007

Hi, Brian!

Thanks for inquiring about the VSDB files.  We're certainly planning to 
provide subroutines/scripts in a few languages (IDL, R, NCL, etc.) for 
plotting VSDB files but unfortunately, those aren't available yet. 

In the formal release that is coming up soon, there will be analysis 
tools available for sorting through VSDB files and calculating other 
quantities from the VSDB files, but these aren't available right now in 
the Beta version.  It will likely be sometime after the formal release 
when we provide the subroutines mentioned in the User's Guide for plotting.

I have had a great deal of success on my own plotting the VSDB output in 
IDL, however.  I think I have seen others use R.   Right now, these 
subroutines aren't formally available, though.  I have found the VSDB 
files aren't difficult to work with in IDL, especially if you "cat" the 
files together before reading them in.  Since they are in ASCII format, 
most software packages should be able to read them. 

Anyhow, thanks so much for your interest, and it's exciting to know you 
were able to get that sort of output!  Please let us know if there's 
anything else we can help with.

Thanks again and take care,
--Lacey Holland

Barbara Brown wrote:
> Dear Brian,
> All of the MET team members are attending a retreat for the NCAR 
> Research Applications Laboratory this week. Someone from the team will 
> get in touch with you next week.
> It's great to know that you've gotten some results from point_stat!
> Best regards,
> Barbara Brown
> Brian Gaudet wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am Brian Gaudet, a research associate working under
>> Dave Stauffer and Nelson Seaman at PSU.
>> We are interested in using the MET beta package
>> to verify some of our realtime simulations
>> of WRF-ARW.
>> We have succeeded in comparing our results
>> with prepbufr files using point_stat, and
>> generating vsdb (and general text) output.
>> We were wondering if you have any suggested
>> software packages for generating graphical
>> output from these files, and/or useful scripts
>> for doing so.  (I see you mention IDL in the
>> users guide).
>> Thank you for any help you can provide.
>> Sincerely,
>> Brian Gaudet
>> bjg20 at psu.edu
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