[Met_help] Met software on Blueice?

John Halley Gotway johnhg at rap.ucar.edu
Mon Dec 10 09:43:25 MST 2007


MET was written and tested using the GNU g++ and g77 compilers which are freely available.  I haven't run on Ubuntu Linux before, but I assume you'd be able to use the GNU compilers.

In the future, we hope to support a wider range of platform/compiler combinations.

A few issues have shown up with the beta version of MET that's currently available.  Specifically in regards to winds and specific humidity.  The current version of MET isn't converting the point
observation values for specific humidity to the correct units before comparing it to the forecasts (that's in point_stat).  Also, in regards to winds, the model typically defines winds relative to the
grid directions while the point observations define winds relative to the earth.  MET is not currently accounting for this difference.

For the next release by the end of December, those two issues will be fixed.  The specific humidity observations will be converted to the proper units prior to verification.  And the grid-relative
model winds will be rotated to be earth-relative prior to verification.  And there are several enhancements that have been added as well.

So it's your choice.  You could try running with the beta version that's currently available.  Or wait for the next version at the end of December.

Either way, we're happy to answer any questions that come up in your installation and running.


Erik Noble wrote:
> Ok, I have a linux machine here - plain ol' Ubuntu Linux. Does this software
> work with Gfortran or other compiler or do I need to spend my hard -earned
> graduate student money on a PGI compiler?
> -Erik
> On 12/10/07 11:22 AM, "John Halley Gotway" <johnhg at rap.ucar.edu> wrote:
>> Erik,
>> The answer is no, MET is not already installed on blueice.  In fact, it's
>> currently only been run on linux systems.  We need to do some work to get it
>> to run on an IBM.
>> We're working toward a new release of the code by the end of December.  In
>> January we could work on installing MET on blueice and bluevista.  Would that
>> be useful to you?
>> John Halley-Gotway
>> johnhg at ucar.edu
>> Erik Noble wrote:
>>> Is the Met software already installed on the blueice machine at NCAR?
>>> -Erik
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