CEDAR email: Space Weather Simulations Summer School

Qusai Al Shidi qusai at umich.edu
Mon Mar 20 12:31:31 MDT 2023

Space Weather Simulation Summer School

We are inviting students, undergraduate or early graduate students, to join
us in our second Space Weather Simulation Summer School. The goal of the
summer school is to prepare students to gain skills that are required for
science researchers. Specifically, we are teaching coding and how to code
well, as well as how to write simulations. One of the many things we cover
are reading real space instrument data and making plots in python,
documentation, and solving non-linear equations on a grid.

If this interests you, we plan on financially supporting the students and
invite you to join us at Ann Arbor in the University of Michigan from July
24 - August 5. The deadline for applications is May 1st. Please apply here
if you are interested:

https://forms.gle/fRroNi6CYcrm8mn16 for more information, please email
Qusai Al Shidi swss.management at umich.edu.
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