CEDAR email: 2023 CEDAR Workshop: workshop attendance support for students

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Dear CEDAR community:

One of the hallmarks of the CEDAR program has been the ability to support a
significant number of undergraduate and graduate students to attend the
annual workshop. This support from the NSF has been critical in engaging
and training the next generation of CEDAR scientists and preparing them for
their careers as scientists.

However, it may not always be possible to support all students interested
in attending the CEDAR workshop, necessitating a selection process to
determine which students will receive support.

In order to have a well-defined selection process that is equitable and
provides for the fulfillment of the CEDAR program goals of engagement and
education, the CEDAR Science Steering Committee (CSSC) has developed
guidelines https://cedarscience.org/student-attendance-support for the
selection of students for receiving financial support from the CEDAR
program to attend the annual CEDAR workshop <

We encourage all CEDAR students and their advisers to read the guidelines,
and request travel support via the registration site by April 3. Students
requesting travel support must submit an abstract by the April 3 deadline.
Students receiving workshop attendance support (lodging and/or travel) must
present a poster. Students traveling from outside the US and/or enrolled in
an institution outside the United States can apply for support which is
limited to lodging. Students will be notified by mid April if they have
been selected for travel support. ALL STUDENT AIRFARE MUST BE PURCHASED
Travel requests will be submitted through the registration process.
Students who do NOT request travel support can register any time (Rates go
up after May 25).

Send questions to Michelle McCambridge mmccamb at ucar.edu

CEDAR workshop Organizers
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