CEDAR email: European Space Agency EO Science Strategy Workshop June 19-20 in Bruges, Belgium

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European Space Agency EO Science Strategy Workshop June 19-20 in Bruges, Belgium
ESAs Earth Observation Programme (EOP) Directorate is holding a workshop in Belgium in June 2023 which provides a unique occasion for the science community to play a role in shaping its future science strategy.
Details are here:
ESA Earth observation missions such as Swarm and the Daedalus mission concept, and ENLOTIS follow up interactions, demonstrate that ESA EOP is connected to the broader European Heliophysics and space Plasma Physics community. To ensure this continues, colleagues from the relevant components of the European Heliophysics community ( LEO and LTI for example) may wish to highlight how their science interest are relevant to the ESA Earth Observation programme at this workshop. It is like lotto, you have to be in it to win it.

'Born to lose, live to win.’

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