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The 2022 ISR Summer School will take place between *July 18-22, 2022*. 
The school is tentatively in-person and will be held in Boston, MA. Note 
that depending on the evolving situation with the pandemic, a virtual 
school is also a possibility. While the details of the school are being 
worked out, if you wish to ensure that you receive future communication 
regarding the school, please let us know your interest by filling out 
this short form 

*About the ISR Summer School:*

The ISR school funded by the US National Science Foundation provides 
students with hands-on experience in designing and running experiments 
at incoherent scatter radar (ISR) facilities. During this summer school, 
students will have the opportunity to run experiments with and use data 
from one or more ISR observatories, such as Millstone Hill ISR, Poker 
Flat (PFISR), and Jicamarca. The school will provide both lectures and 
hands-on experience in experiment design and analysis. The lectures will 
include an introduction to the theory of incoherent scatter, radar 
operations, ISR analysis techniques, and community databases. The 
hands-on exercises will involve working closely with ISR facility staff 
in the topic areas of proposal design, experiment execution, and data 
analysis. All students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with 
experienced scientists from multiple institutions.

The ISR summer school is suitable for graduate and advanced 
undergraduate students and attendance is limited. For an in-person 
workshop, travel, housing and meals will be provided for most students 
attending institutions within the United States. For post-docs and 
students outside of the United States, funding will be considered on a 
case-by-case basis.

Thank you,

ISR Summer School Organizers
Shikha Raizada, Anthea Coster, Phil Erickson, Bill Rideout, Josh 
Semeter, Roger Varney, Pablo Reyes, Asti Bhatt

Asti Bhatt
Center for Geospace Studies
SRI International
Menlo Park, CA
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