CEDAR email: AOGS ST31 "New Discoveries in Upper Atmospheric Science"

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Fri Feb 18 13:56:38 MST 2022

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite your contribution to our session
*ST31 on ”New Discoveries in Upper Atmospheric Science Based on COSMIC2,
GOLD, and ICONMissions"* at the 19th* AOGS virtual meeting 1-5 August 2022*
We anticipate live talks with live discussions.
*Abstract submission deadline: 23 Feb 2022*

*Session Description*
In the last few years several satellite missions were launched which
provides the scientific community with a wealth of observations of the
thermosphere-ionosphere system. COSMIC 2 is a cluster of 6 satellites
carrying GNSS receivers, tri-band beacons, and ion velocity meters (IVM)
bringing together ionospheric TEC, scintillation, and ion drift
observations. GOLD is an UV imager on a geo-synchronous satellite providing
constant observations of the ionosphere and thermosphere over the American
sector. ICON covers the low latitude region and provides neutral wind, ion
drift, and UV observations.  In addition, data from ground observations are
probing the ionosphere-thermosphere system and are ideal to capture
temporal variation and combined in networks give information about spatial
scales. This includes observations of plasma characteristics, neutral wind,
magnetic field variations etc.

In this session, we solicit presentations of new results from these
missions highlighting the synergistic effect by combining ground,
space-based observation, and/or modeling.  The goal of this session is to
foster collaborations for increased scientific returns.

Session Conveners: Astrid Maute, Quan Gan, Charles Lin, Qian Wu
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