CEDAR email: AOGS ST06 "Recent Advance in High-latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics"

Zihan Wang wzihan at umich.edu
Wed Feb 16 16:57:08 MST 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite your contribution to our session ST06 on "Recent
Advance in High-latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics" at the 19th *AOGS
virtual meeting 1-5 August

Abstract submission deadline: 23 Feb 2022
Session Description
The high-latitude ionosphere is closely coupled to the solar
wind-magnetosphere and the thermosphere. It acts as the interface between
the solar wind-magnetosphere and the neutral atmosphere. Thus, it is
important to have an accurate and holistic picture of ionospheric
electrodynamics to help forecast space weather events (e.g., geomagnetic
storms, geomagnetically induced currents) and their impact (e.g.,
disruptions of radio communication, satellite drags). However, a systematic
understanding of how the ionosphere and thermosphere respond to varying
solar wind-magnetosphere forcing on different scales is still missing.
Nowadays, unprecedented datasets are available to study the high-latitude
ionospheric electrodynamics (e.g., Swarm, SuperDARN, SuperMAG, AMPERE,
DMSP, and ISRs). Meanwhile, new numerical simulation models and machine
learning techniques are emerging. Thus, this session aims to provide a
forum to report recent progress on observational, theoretical, and modeling
aspects of high-latitude electrodynamics, including auroral precipitation,
field-aligned currents, convection, conductance, Joule Heating, Poynting
flux, waves, instabilities, as well as other electrodynamical phenomena.
Topics related to the broad high-latitude
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling processes are also welcome.

Session Conveners: Zihan Wang, Boyi Wang, Qingyu Zhu, Shasha Zou
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