CEDAR email: Call for Decadal Survey White Papers on Solar and Geospace Data Systems

Huang, Tai-Yin thuang at nsf.gov
Fri Feb 4 12:36:39 MST 2022

The Geospace Section in the Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences at NSF is leading an effort to create a Data Systems Program following the recommendation of the NSF Geospace Portfolio Review. The upcoming Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey provides an excellent venue to put forward the community's vision for what we can accomplish in the next ten years. The need for a better data systems infrastructure to serve the interconnected scientific communities has never been as urgent with the implementation of FAIR data principles gaining traction.  We strongly encourage the solar and geospace communities to contribute white papers on data systems; including topics identifying what is needed, what is missing, what challenges and obstacles exist, what opportunities are out there, and what resources are currently available or needed but not available.  White paper due dates will be announced by the National Academy of Sciences with an expectation for late spring or early summer.

Tai-Yin Huang, PhD
Program Director, Geospace Section
Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences
National Science Foundation
(703) 292-4943 | thuang at nsf.gov<mailto:thuang at nsf.gov>

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