CEDAR email: HAO: Newkirk Graduate Research Fellowship, application deadline March 1, 2021

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Mon Jan 11 19:49:42 MST 2021

The High Altitude Observatory of the National Center for Atmospheric
Research announces the
availability of Newkirk Fellowships. The Newkirk Fellowship provides
financial support to
graduate students for research visits to HAO, allowing for 3 to 6 months
per year in a single visit.
The total supported length is 9 months, which can be spread out over up to
3 years. Newkirk
Fellows will work with guidance from HAO scientists and engineers on
projects related to their
thesis, qualifying exams, or other research projects within the scope of
HAO research including
study of the Earth's upper atmosphere, solar physics and
solar-terrestrial physics through
observation, theory and instrumentation.

To be eligible for the fellowship, the student must be enrolled full-time
in a university graduate
program having common interest with HAO research goals. HAO Newkirk
Fellowships are
awarded on the basis of academic excellence, scientific potential, and
compatibility of student
interest in current HAO research pursuits.

*The application deadline for fellowships starting in 2021 is March 1,

Please see
details on eligibility, financial support, and the application process.
Contact Caitlyn Quinn
Erdesz (cquinn at ucar.edu) or Matthias Rempel (rempel at ucar.edu) for further
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