CEDAR email: Geospace Discovery Science in a new decade workshop (second notice)

Alan Burns aburns at ucar.edu
Mon Jan 4 13:45:10 MST 2021

This is the high level agenda for this workshop. More information closer to
the date

HIGH LEVEL (DRAFT) AGENDA (Feb 8-10, 2021)
Day 1: Available Data and Programs for Geospace Research
Status of Current missions (COSMIC 2, ICON, GOLD
Ground-Based Data Sets
Agency Talks: NASA, NSF, NOAA

Day 2: Open Questions in Geospace - New Research Avenues
Systems Scale (Plasmasphere and Magnetosphere coupling with I-T System)
Forcing from Above
Forcing from Below
Small-scale Changes
(note: Large -scale discussion scheduled for Day 3)

Day 3: Plans for the Decade
(note: after conclusion of Large-scale changes)
Large-scale changes
Plans for this decade – new capabilities: missions in development and in
2025-2026 Solar Max Look-Forward

Link to previous workshop: https://www2.hao.ucar.edu/geogoldicon
Link to 2021 Workshop: https://www2.hao.ucar.edu/geoicongold-2021

Alan Burns
aburns at ucar.edu
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