CEDAR email: EGU 2022 - ST2.6 - Observations and modelling of the effects of solar wind pressure pulses on the terrestrial magnetosphere

Alexandra Ruth Fogg arfogg at cp.dias.ie
Wed Dec 15 09:51:09 MST 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We warmly invite you to submit an abstract to our upcoming session 
*Observations and modelling of the effects of solar wind pressure pulses 
on the terrestrial magnetosphere (ST2.6)* at the EGU General Assembly 
2022. This will be a Virtual PICO session (fully online) during the week 
3rd-8th April 2022.

We look forward to receiving your abstract by the submission deadline of 
12th January 2022 at 12 UTC.

Please find the details about our session below:

_Observations and modelling of the effects of solar wind pressure pulses 
on the terrestrial magnetosphere (ST2.6)_

Positive solar wind pressure pulses are pockets of solar wind plasma 
that are faster and/or denser than the surrounding ambient plasma. When 
a pressure pulse impacts the terrestrial magnetosphere, it is rapidly 
compressed, and the effects propagate inwards resulting in a well 
observed enhancement in the magnetic field, as evidenced in the SYM-H 
index; this communication of a pressure pulse into the magnetosphere is 
known as a geomagnetic sudden commencement (SC). SCs can be further 
subdivided into sudden impulses (SIs) and sudden storm commencements 
(SSCs), where in the latter case, the pressure pulse triggers a 
geomagnetic storm. Even for small, short lived, pressure enhancements, 
the effects on the terrestrial magnetosphere can be dramatic, exciting 
and even reconfiguring the electrodynamics within. Among these effects, 
observations and modelling have shown: enhancements and restructuring of 
high latitude ionospheric currents and convection; auroral emission 
excited by particle precipitation; energisation of the plasmasphere; 
excitation of magnetospheric current systems; enhanced ULF wave activity.
In this session, we invite contributions based on both observations and 
modelling of the effect of solar wind pressure pulses on the coupled 
solar wind – magnetosphere – ionosphere system. We seek to facilitate 
crossover discussion between the observational and modelling communities 
on pressure pulse driving of phenomena including (but not limited to): 
ULF wave propagation; ionospheric convection; ionospheric and 
magnetospheric current systems; auroral emission; terrestrial radio 
emissions; plasmasphere effects.

More details: https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU22/session/43639


Alexandra Fogg, Tom Elsden and Mark Lester

Dr. Alexandra Ruth Fogg (she/her)

Postdoctoral Researcher
School of Cosmic Physics - Astronomy & Astrophysics
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

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