CEDAR email: COSPAR Session C2.2: Wave coupling processes and consequences in the whole atmosphere and ionosphere

Erdal Yigit eyigit at gmu.edu
Mon Feb 10 11:53:16 MST 2020

Dear all,

On behalf of the COSPAR C2.2 scientific organizing committee, I would like to encourage you to present your research results on wave-induced coupling in our session:

C2.2: Wave Coupling Processes and Consequences in the Whole Atmosphere and Ionosphere

Main Scientific Organizer: Erdal Yiğit (George Mason University, USA)

Deputy Organizer: Christoph Heale (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA)

Description: This symposium focuses on troposphere to thermosphere-ionosphere multi-scale wave coupling. New measurements, computational modeling and theoretical results, and analysis techniques are encouraged, including electrodynamical and chemical studies. In particular, studies in the following areas are most welcome:

Global structure, variability, sources of gravity waves, planetary waves, Kelvin waves, and tides. Ion-neutral coupling Ionosphere-thermosphere-mesosphere response to lower and middle atmosphere variability. Wave generation (primary & secondary) and propagation effects in the neutral and ionized atmosphere.

Organizing Committee: William Ward (University of New Brunswick, Canada), Ruth Liebermann (NASA, USA), Michael J. Taylor (Utah State University, USA), Jiyao Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Takuji Nakamura (National Institute of Polar Research, Japan)

Deadline for abstract submission: 14 February 2020, Friday

Best regards,


Erdal Yiğit, PhD
Associate Professor of Physics
George Mason University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
4400 University Drive, MSN: 3F3
Planetary Hall Fairfax, VA 22030-4444
' +1 (703) 993-2658

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