CEDAR email: PhD Research Fellowship in Machine Learning within Space Plasma Physics

Lasse Clausen lasse.clausen at fys.uio.no
Mon Feb 3 03:27:09 MST 2020

A position as PhD Research Fellow in Space Plasma Physics is available 
at the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo. The primary 
focus of this group is to advance our understanding of high latitude 
electrodynamics and its impact on technological systems like GPS. The 
main tools used in these investigations are ground-based radar and 
optical systems, instruments on board spacecraft, advanced numerical 
models, and in situ measurements made by sounding rockets.

In this project we intend to harness the emerging machine learning 
techniques to revolutionize the way we use auroral imaging data in 
magnetospheric research. With this project we plan to significantly 
increase our activity in this field, taking advantage of different 
auroral wavelengths, the time series nature of the images, and also 
including secondary data like auroral indices and magnetometer 
measurements. Conceivably, this project could change the way we use 
ground-based auroral images in magnetospheric research.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to take a leading 
role throughout the entire project, which includes data analysis, 
interpretation of results, and publication of the findings. It is also 
expected that the successful candidate will work in close collaboration 
with the other members of the 4DSpace initiative at UiO.

More information is available at 

Lasse Clausen
Department of Physics
Postboks 1048 Blindern
0316 Oslo, Norway
+47 22 85 56 61
lasse.clausen at fys.uio.no

Visiting address
Room KV 312
Sem Sælands Vei 26
0371 Oslo, Norway

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