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This Workshop is sponsored by the NASA Science Mission Directorate to
gauge and solicit community inputs on the best way to create, fully
populate, and manage a pipeline of secondary payloads to support the
NASA SMD policy of adding a secondary payload carrier for all SMD
missions with excess-mass lift capacity.

The goals of this Workshop are to provide the following info to decision

• Identify shortfalls in current methodologies
• Understanding of new strategies to maximize available secondary
payloads to populate the Rideshare pipeline
• Definition of instrument/sensor use cases that maximize use of excess-
mass lift capacity
• Quantifying the potential increase of the science return on investment
• Understanding of technology areas requiring new investment to use the
excess-mass lift capacity.

The Workshop will be two and a half days and all sessions will be held at
the Kossiakoff Center at the JHUAPL Laurel, Maryland campus. We will
lead off the workshop with keynote speakers then with the afternoon
devoted to information from Commercial launch, spacecraft, SmallSat
and lander providers. The second day will include splinter and working
group sessions organized according to science disciplines and/or regions
of operation. In each splinter session, the group will receive community
presentations of possible applications and discuss the relevant topics
listed above. On the final day, the results of these activities will be
discussed and summarized in order to provide recommendations for NASA
SMD (in the form of conference proceedings).

Logistics information can be found on the above website. This is an
excellent opportunity to provide NASA decision makers with valuable
feedback in order to take full advantage of the novel opportunities
provided by exciting new access to space capabilities. Community
members may submit abstracts for very short presentations related to
possible applications and commercial providers may submit poster
abstracts to inform the community of opportunities. We encourage wide
community participation and look forward to an exciting and productive

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, Laurel, Maryland, 20723, USA

Contact: George Ho, JHUAPL Access2Space at jhuapl.edu


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