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Tue Mar 5 12:29:15 MST 2019

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The Space Science Division of the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in
Washington, DC seeks a highly motivated individual to join a cross-disciplinary
research team, tasked with rapidly developing and validating a new
state-of-the-art global numerical model of the neutral atmosphere extending
from the ground to ~500 km altitude, for future high-resolution forecasting of
the deep atmosphere for space-weather applications. The successful candidate
will join a strong team of research scientists already in place at NRL for
this new project that builds upon NRLís institutional expertise in
high-altitude atmospheric model development for new and improved operational
environmental prediction capabilities for the globally deployed Navy.

The new atmospheric model will be based on an emerging Navy dynamical core that
solves the deep-atmosphere nonhydrostatic equations on the sphere using
spectral element (SE) methods. The candidate will work primarily with a group
at NRL DC developing new upper-atmospheric (mesospheric and thermospheric)
components of the model, including dynamics and physical parameterizations. As
model development proceeds, the candidate will conduct high-resolution model
experiments on massively parallel high-performance computers to test and refine
new features that help the team achieve specific project goals and milestones.
In the process, the candidate may also collaborate with other project research
teams located at NRL DC and elsewhere, focusing on the modelís lower altitudes,
high-altitude data assimilation capabilities, and physical coupling to
ionospheric models.

We seek a self-motivated candidate eager to study upper-atmospheric dynamics
and physics relevant to short-term prediction, to develop efficient algorithms
of these processes, and then to integrate them as new computer code within the
evolving infrastructure of the new model. A Ph.D. in atmospheric science,
computational fluid dynamics, physics, or a related discipline, is therefore
preferred, but not essential. Ability and willingness to work in the
environment of a large, diverse and geographically distributed team, to achieve
collective team goals, are essential. Strong programming skills will also be
required in working with a complex modern highly-scalable Fortran code using up
to 1 million processors per run. Thus, candidates with interests in learning
and applying modern coding practices on new and emerging supercomputing
architectures are encouraged to apply.

All applicants for federal positions must be US citizens. Formal applications
and any questions should be emailed to Dr. Steve Eckermann
(stephen.eckermann at nrl.navy.mil: Tel. 202-404-1299). Applications will be
accepted until 12 April 2019 or until the position is filled. NRL is an equal
opportunity employer.



Fabrizio Sassi, PhD
Research Physicist, Code 7631
Space Science Division
Tel: (202)-767-3827
Fax: (202)-404-1767

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