CEDAR email: cedar mailing list changes

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Wed Jun 26 07:39:14 MDT 2019

For your information: The cedar mailing list is hosted at UCAR and the
following changes will take place July 3, 2019

In a nutshell:

   - no monthly clear text password e-mails anymore
   - "From" address will be the mail service not the one from the poster
   (if you do not receive e-mails anymore please adjust your spam filter).

Extended version:

Starting July 3, 2019, the UCAR Mailman service hosted at mailman.ucar.edu
will be modified to no *longer send out monthly emails with user’s
passwords in cleartext.* Once implemented, if a user cannot recall their
password for a particular list, they will need to visit that list’s web
page and request it be sent to them. While it will be emailed in cleartext,
the user will be able to change it immediately.

Additionally, mandates by the Department of Homeland Security to reduce the
exposure of email based attacks are being implemented by many domains,
universities, companies and some countries. To help reduce lost email due
to these changes, each Mailman list will have a setting re-configured. *This
will have the effect of changing the From: email address from the original
poster to the address that the list itself uses*. As this will change the
email headers,* it is possible that list members may have filters set up
that will need to be changed*. Mailman list owners are encouraged to reach
out and notify their list members of the coming changes.
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