CEDAR email: AGU Fall Meeting session SA015 - Processes Driving Ionospheric Upflow and Outflow

Shasha Zou shashaz at umich.edu
Wed Jul 24 10:58:44 MDT 2019

Dear colleagues,
We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting session SA015 - Processes Driving Ionospheric Upflow and Outflow
Multiple ion energization processes act on ionospheric plasma, including Joule heating, particle precipitation, solar EUV, wave-particle interactions, parallel electric fields, and ion-neutral interactions. The interplay of these energization processes raises ionospheric plasma to higher altitudes and sometimes enables the escape of ions into the magnetosphere, where they contribute to plasma populations and affect magnetospheric dynamics. Over geologic timescales, ion escape can modify atmospheric density and composition. While a number of instruments have observed upflow and outflow processes in the aurora and polar cap, recent advances in theory and modeling of ion upflow and escape processes raise new questions and require new constraints. 
This session will focus on analysis of satellite, rocket, and ground-based observations and future observations that are needed to shed light on the processes of ion escape, as well as theory, modeling, and validation of ionospheric energization and escape processes at Earth and other planets.

https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm19/prelim.cgi/Session/79515 <https://gcc02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fagu.confex.com%2Fagu%2Ffm19%2Fprelim.cgi%2FSession%2F79515&data=01%7C01%7Croger.varney%40sri.com%7C53c50ab4e3d0424df17408d70eeafa0c%7C40779d3379c44626b8bf140c4d5e9075%7C1&sdata=JzVtCI4AhLFP7FgicZqfLsOf7hVaOBqSlM894UxT9Es%3D&reserved=0>
We hope you will consider submitting your talk or poster to this session.
Katherine Garcia-Sage (NASA/GSFC), Roger Varney (SRI), and Shasha Zou (U of Michigan)

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