CEDAR email: Professor/Associate Professor in atmospheric and space physics, NTNU, Trondheim Norway

Patrick Joseph Espy patrick.espy at ntnu.no
Sun Jul 14 10:17:40 MDT 2019

Professor/Associate Professor in atmospheric and space physics, NTNU, Trondheim Norway
Deadline for applications: 10.09.2019

The Department of Physics (https://www.ntnu.edu/physics) at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, announces an open position as Professor/Associate Professor in physics within the field of atmospheric and space physics. The focus will be on experimental and/or modelling studies of the middle and upper atmosphere and its coupling to regions above and below. The Professor/Associate Professor will be based in the Physics Department within the Atmospheric and Environmental Physics (AEP) group, which collaborates closely with both international and Norwegian research groups. 

Currently the department has an active atmospheric research programme that includes optical and radio remote sensing of the atmospheric environment and, though our collaborations, whole-atmosphere modelling. On-site facilities include an advanced meteor radar system for studies of gravity-wave momentum flux near the mesopause as well as optical spectroscopy of the airglow. The AEP group makes extensive use of satellite remote sensing measurements and are members of the science teams for several NASA and European satellite projects. Through our participation in the Research Council of Norway (RCN) Birkeland Centre of Excellence in Space Science (https://birkeland.uib.no/), studies of the impact of dynamics on the ionosphere as well as the effects of space weather on the atmosphere have been undertaken. The AEP group are active users of data from the SuperDARN radar network and the EISCAT incoherent scatter radar systems. Additionally research into the effects of middle-atmospheric dynamics on infrasound propagation are underway as a part of RCN-funded follow-on to the EU Horizon 2020 programme, ARISE-2 (http://arise-project.eu/).

The successful candidate will take a leading role in developing atmospheric and space physics and setting up a strong research programme in synergy with existing experimental and theoretical activity within the department. To optimize these synergetic efforts, we are seeking a candidate whose primary competence is within atmospheric and space physics with specialization in either experimental remote-sensing or whole-atmosphere modelling. 

Candidates must hold a master's degree and a PhD relevant for research within atmospheric and space physics. Candidates must also document strong research activities in experimental or modelling studies associated with the energetics, dynamics and chemistry of the middle atmosphere and its coupling to regions above and below. Emphasis in the evaluation will be put on research papers in this field published in the past five years. The evaluation will take into account the loss of publishing productivity for applicants who have had parental leave during the last five years. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to initiate and lead research programmes, and show a clear potential for attracting externally-funded research and scholarships, both independently and in collaboration with colleagues at the department, the faculty and NTNU through national and European funding sources. 

The Professor/Associate Professor will have a specific responsibility for teaching courses within energy and environmental physics as well as atmospheric physics, but must also be able to teach general courses in physics at bachelor level. Accordingly, didactical skills, qualifications and potential will be evaluated based on documented experience in teaching, outreach, course and study programme management, supervision of doctoral and master students and related work. It is a prerequisite that within three years of appointment new employees who do not speak a Scandinavian language can demonstrate skills in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language equivalent to level three in the course in Norwegian for speakers of other languages at the Department of Language and Literature at NTNU (https://www.ntnu.edu/norwegiancourse).

The full advertisement including instruction on how to apply may be found at https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/172765/professor-associate-professor-in-atmospheric-and-space-physics. Note that all applications must be made through this web site. General questions about the position can be directed to the Head of Department, Prof. Erik Wahlström (erik.wahlstrom at ntnu.no). Specific questions about the Atmospheric and Environmental Physics group to Prof. Patrick Espy (patrick.espy at ntnu.no), or Prof. Robert Hibbins (robert.hibbins at ntnu.no). Submit your application with your CV, diplomas and certificates via jobbnorge.no. Applicants invited for interview must bring certified copies of certificates and diplomas. Mark the application with reference number: 78/2019.

Deadline for applications: 10.09.2019

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