CEDAR email: AGU Session on the Ionospheric Valley Region

Oppenheim, Meers M meerso at bu.edu
Thu Jul 11 12:05:38 MDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The conveners would like to invite you to submit an abstract to session:

SA022 - The Ionospheric Valley Region: Ionization from Above, Forcing from Below, and its Importance to Space Weather

The low and mid-latitude ionospheric valley region extends upward from the daytime E-region electron density peak to the bottom of the F-region, typically between 110 and 200 km. This region has important impacts on the space environment and space weather.   At low magnetic latitudes, it is the source region for Spread-F plumes and the region where radars use 150-km echoes to monitor the vertical motions of the atmosphere. Despite this importance, this region remains poorly understood because of a lack of observations and the complexity of the ionization processes.  As a result, researchers still do not understand the mechanisms that lead to the plasma irregularities observed by radars, nor do they understand the modulations caused by neutral tides and waves that come from below.  This session will gather researchers with expertise in neutral winds, ionospheric dynamics and remote sensing to develop a better understanding of the valley region.


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