CEDAR email: 2019 AGU SM001: Advances in Auroral Studies

Zhang, Yongliang Yongliang.Zhang at jhuapl.edu
Wed Jul 10 13:10:29 MDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the 2019 AGU SM001 session on
"Advances in Auroral Studies" and invite you to submit any auroral-related abstracts to this session.

There are many recently findings of new "types" of aurora as well as improved or new understanding of other well-known auroral phenomena.
It is an exciting time for the community to share research results and establish future collaborations on auroral studies.


Yongliang Zhang
Larry J. Paxton
Robert Robinson
Elizabeth MacDonald

Session Description:
In this session we solicit talks on recent advances in studies over different time and special scales in auroral activity, auroral ionosphere and thermosphere and their impacts on magnetosphere-ionosphere (M-I) coupling. Satellite- and ground- observations continue to reveal many new auroral phenomena. Citizen scientists also recently discovered Steve aurora and are now providing real-time auroral boundary specification. Waves in the magnetosphere, such as electromagnetic ion cyclotron waves, not only cause ion pitch angle scattering but also lead to radiation belt electron loss. Joule and particle heating in the auroral regions disturbs the polar ionosphere and thermosphere and affects the M-I coupling efficiency. Modeling and predicting global auroral energy input capturing smaller scale behavior remains a challenge. We welcome all contributions describing auroral related (observations, modeling or theoretical) studies under different solar and geomagnetic conditions.

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