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Broll, Jef jbroll at bu.edu
Wed Jul 10 11:25:13 MDT 2019

CEDAR colleagues,

We would like to announce a new session at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting, 9-13 Dec 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA, titled

SM011. Earth's dynamic cusps

We encourage contributions presenting theory, observations, and simulations of Earth's magnetospheric cusps and the processes measured in them, including abstracts related to the Grand Challenge Initiative - Cusp rocket campaign.

The deadline for submissions to AGU is 31 July 2019, and any concerns or questions can be directed to jbroll at bu.edu with SM011 in the subject.

Conveners: Jef Broll, Boston University; Shasha Zou, University of Michigan; Stephen Fuselier, Southwest Research Institute/University of Texas at San Antonio; Yue Deng, UT Arlington

Session ID: 83270

Section: SPA-Magnetospheric Physics
Cross-listings: Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric and Space Electricity, SPA-Aeronomy

Index Terms:
2407 Auroral ionosphere [IONOSPHERE]
2736 Magnetosphere/ionosphere interactions [MAGNETOSPHERIC PHYSICS]
3369 Thermospheric dynamics [ATMOSPHERIC PROCESSES]

Session Description:

Earth's magnetospheric cusps allow magnetosheath plasma to precipitate into the upper layers of the atmosphere.  Cusp observations provide unique perspectives on a wide variety of thermospheric, ionospheric and magnetospheric coupling processes such as thermospheric density anomalies, ionospheric outflow, and magnetopause reconnection.

Such observations are of renewed interest in light of the recent Grand Challenge Initiative - Cusp rocket campaign and the decreasing barrier to entry for innovative experiments aboard low-altitude cubesat and small satellite missions.

This session solicits contributions covering results from this Grand Challenge as well as papers presenting other theory, observations, and simulations of Earth's magnetospheric cusps, focusing on the coupling processes in the cusp region.

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