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Dear Colleagues,
We invite contributions to ST01 session in the upcoming AOGS 28 Jul – 2 Aug 2019 in Singapore.  Abstract submission deadline is Feb 12, 2019. The session abstract is given below.

ST01:  Systems Science Approaches to Heliophysics Modeling and Data Analysis

The study of heliophysics has traditionally been carried out using standard techniques and tools such as time series correlational analyses. These techniques have produced many excellent results and advanced the field. However, these techniques may sometimes be inadequate or incomplete because the Sun-Earth system is a complex nonlinear system. On the other hand, researchers in the fields of mathematics, information science, computer science, machine learning, data mining, etc., have developed, over the last several decades, systems science tools that can be used to describe and analyze complex and nonlinear systems. In this session, we will highlight some of the advances and challenges to Geospace science using systems science approaches, which complement the traditional approaches.  Because systems science approaches are inherently interdisciplinary, scientists from various disciplines of heliophysics and computer science are encouraged to participate in this session.

ST01 conveners: Jay Johnson and Simon Wing

Simon Wing
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