CEDAR email: NRC post-docs at AFRL/RVBX

HUANG, CHERYL Y DR-03 USAF AFMC AFRL/RVBXD cheryl.huang at us.af.mil
Mon Sep 17 10:18:08 MDT 2018

National Research Council post-doctoral awards at AFRL/RVBX at Kirtland AFB will be open for submission starting on 1 November 2018. Positions are open to US citizens. Note that these awards are normally open 4 times a year -  November, February, May and August.

This link shows all the research topics available at the Space Vehicles (RV) and Directed Energy (RD) directorates at Kirtland: (http://nrc58.nas.edu/RAPLab10/Opportunity/SearchProgram.aspx?LabCode=13&SrchProgParam=SrchCtznLevel%3dC_01%26SrchLevel%3dLvl_R%26SrchKeywords%3d%26SrchAdvName%3d%26SrchPrograms%3d13%26SrchLocations%3d.NM.Kirtland%2bAir%2bForce%2bBase&R=True)

I call attention to two topics of interest:

Remote sensing of ionospheric and upper atmospheric structure and dynamics, adviser Todd Pedersen

Ionosphere-thermosphere coupling - data analysis and numerical simulations, adviser Cheryl Huang

The program is run by the National Academy of Sciences and is competitive. Candidates are strongly urged to contact the topic adviser well in advance in order to prepare a strong submission package.

Cheryl Huang
AFRL/RVBX Technical Adviser
Building 570, Rm 2353
Kirtland AFB
Phone: 505-846-7218

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