CEDAR email: JOB OPENING: Senior Scientist, Heliophysics Division

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>From Nicky Fox  Fox Nicola.Fox <at> NASA.gov

JOB OPENING: Senior Scientist, Heliophysics Division

NASA is hiring a Senior Scientist in the Heliophysics Division of the
Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.  NASA's Heliophysics
Division conducts research on the Sun, its extended solar-system
environment (the heliosphere), and interactions of Earth, other planets,
small bodies, and interstellar gas with the heliosphere. Division research
also encompasses geospace -- Earth's uppermost atmosphere, the ionosphere,
and the magnetosphere -- and the changing environmental conditions
throughout the coupled heliosphere (solar system weather).

NASA is seeking a highly skilled individual to work with an agile and
diverse team whose core values include excellence, integrity, transparency,
teamwork, and a growth mindset towards planning and coordinating NASA
programs in research, development, operations of missions and
instrumentation, and strategic management of available resources in
Heliophysics and related fields.

The incumbent will report directly to the Heliophysics Division Director on
all matters pertaining to the science activities in which the Division is
actively engaged. In addition, the Senior Scientist will provide
recommendations, advice, and consultation on all science-related aspects of
NASA's Heliophysics Division to the Heliophysics Director.

More details may be found in the job announcement.

Applications must be submitted through USAJobs.gov and the announcement
will close on October 5th, 2018.

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