CEDAR email: URSI AP-RASC 2019: Radar Systems session

Daniel Kastinen daniel.kastinen at irf.se
Tue Sep 4 01:51:27 MDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I am happy to inform you that *URSI AP-RASC 2019* call for participation in
the Commission C (Radio-communication Systems and Signal Processing)
session on *Radar Systems* is open. Please see http://aprasc2019.com/ for
more information and http://aprasc2019.com/paper-submission/ for paper
submission. You can also see http://aprasc2019.com/call-for-papers/ for all
the other sessions and their topics. *Please forward this to anyone you may
think is interested!*

*Below is a description for session 8 (Radar Systems) of commission C:*
Radars are being used today for various purposes – from maritime
surveillance, remote sensing of earth, atmospheric and weather monitoring
from ground based and space borne platforms, vehicle detection for ground
and air traffic monitoring through to purely military applications. There
are several outstanding challenges in radar remote sensing of earth,
oceans, atmosphere and space, associated signal and data processing and
data interpretation. This session aims to focus on: recent innovations,
trends and concerns in various radar systems, practical challenges and
solutions adopted in the following, but not limited to : Radar component &
subsystem development, Radar environment and phenomenology, Advanced
concepts in radar, Emerging radar technologies.

Each session is 2 hours and will have 6 slots of 20 mins each (15 min
presentation +5 min discussion and Q/A). In addition to the oral sessions,
there will be one interactive poster session of 2 hours duration but the
Posters will be put up for display for much longer.

Best regards, *Daniel Kastinen*
Institutet för rymdfysik (Swedish Institute of Space Physics)
Box 812
981 28 Kiruna
Tel: +46 980 79172
Email: daniel.kastinen at irf.se
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