CEDAR email: AGU Fall 2018 session: Progress in Whole Atmosphere Coupling Studies (SA017)

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Mon Jul 30 10:35:37 MDT 2018

AGU Fall 2018 session: Progress in Whole Atmosphere Coupling Studies

Dear Colleagues,
We invite you to submit an abstract to the Fall 2018 AGU session SA017: Progress in Whole Atmosphere Coupling Studies.

Session ID: 45289
Session Title: SA017. Progress in Whole Atmosphere Coupling Studies
Section/Focus Group: SPA-Aeronomy
Session Title:
Progress in Whole Atmosphere Coupling Studies
Session Description:
It is increasingly realized that the atmosphere-ionosphere system is controlled by upward propagating waves from below and by space weather effects from above. Wave effects encompass the effects of gravity waves, tides, and planetary-scale waves. Space weather includes geomagnetic and solar activity related processes and geomagnetic storms. This session aims to offer a platform for the studies of meteorological effects and space weather effects in the atmosphere-ionosphere system in order to facilitate interaction between the atmospheric and aeronomy community. Observational as well as modeling studies, focusing on dynamical, electrodynamical, thermal, geomagnetic and solar processes are encouraged for submission to this session. In general, recent results on atmospheric vertical coupling and latitudinal coupling, and in particular, sudden stratospheric warming effects in the atmosphere and coupling processes during equinoxes are of special relevance to the session. Contributions related to VarSITI's ROSMIC and SpeCIMEN scientific elements are also welcome.

You can submit your abstract at https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm18/prelim.cgi/Session/45289.

On behalf of session organizers
Erdal Yiğit , Jorge L. Chau, Larisa P Goncharenko

Larisa Goncharenko
Research Scientist
MIT Haystack Observatory
lpg at mit.edu<mailto:lpg at mit.edu>

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