CEDAR email: AGU session SA008 Global dynamical response of the upper atmosphere to external forcing

Alan Burns aburns at ucar.edu
Tue Jul 17 08:50:37 MDT 2018

Please consider submitting an abstract to SA008: Global dynamical response
of the upper atmosphere to external forcing. The convenors are: Alan Burns,
Wenbin Wang, Yongliang Zhang and Shunrong Zhang. Abstract submission closes
on Wednesday, 1 August 23:59 EDT. The session description is as follows:

New missions such as GOLD, ICON and COSMIC 2 have recently been launched to
study the way that the low and middle latitude ionosphere and thermosphere
change as a result of various forcing mechanisms. These new missions, in
conjunction with existing ground and space based observatories (such as
TIMED, DMSP, Swarm, etc.) and general circulation models which give us a
new perspective on the Earth’s upper atmosphere and help us better
understand issues such as how the state of the topside ionosphere is
related both to the thermosphere and the lower ionosphere. Papers in this
session will address issues related to the forcing of the middle and low
latitude thermosphere and ionosphere using observations, data analysis and

Alan Burns
aburns at ucar.edu
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