CEDAR email: Invitation to AGU Session SA013: “New Space”: Opportunities, Options and Outlook for Space and Earth Science

Smith, H. Todd H.Todd.Smith at jhuapl.edu
Sat Jul 14 10:55:34 MDT 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to our AGU session focusing on the application of commercial access to space or the near-space environment to accelerate scientific research and technology development. We encourage submission of abstracts on current and future applications as well as how new spacecraft designs or new concepts for constellations (now made affordable) could transform our field. The deadline for abstracts is August 1, 2018.

Session number: SA013
Session Title: “New Space”: Opportunities, Options and Outlook for Space and Earth Science
Link to submit abstract: https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2018/abstract-submissions/

Session description:  For many years, the emerging commercial access to space or New Space has offered the possibility of novel low cost and frequent access with guaranteed return of payload. While many companies initially focused on space tourism, the immense potential for scientific research and technology development became evident. Blue Origin has begun operational flights and Virgin Galactic is flight testing their vehicle.  Orbital capabilities are also emerging with SpaceX conducting flights and Blue Origin expected to begin flights in late 2020/early 2021. World View proposes the Stratollite stratospheric platform for long-duration, persistent observations and experiments. Each of these opportunities holds the promise of a future where iterative, risk-tolerant instrument, measurement and mission-concept designs can be developed and demonstrated. The potential to do this at low cost provides new opportunities for us all.  This session solicits contributions from launch providers and community members with current or potential applications for these revolutionary platforms.

Session conveners:
H. Todd Smith (h.todd.smith at jhuapl.edu), JHU APL
Larry Paxton, JHU APL
Steven Collicott, Purdue University

Invited Speakers:
Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA SMD AA
Alan Stern, SwRI & New Horizons PI (If flyby schedule permits)
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