CEDAR email: Boston Workshop for Post-Docs (w/ Travel Support)

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Thu Jul 12 08:02:15 MDT 2018

*From the ESWN announcement:*

*“Career Launch and Acceleration for Postdoctoral Associates”Open to
current Women Postdoctoral Associates *

This workshop for postdoctoral associates to learn how to assimilate
fundamentals of responsible negotiations and communication skills.
Attendees examine the importance of developing alternatives to agreement
that build self-confidence and enhance preparation as well as communication
styles that are effective for women, projecting confidence and using
powerful rather than weak words. They use self-examination to discover
personal negotiating, practice skills to reach highly successful outcomes.
Discussion is particularly focused on issues relevant to securing an
academic position that will put you in the best position for success in
your new career in academia. A discussion of things to consider in the
negotiating stage of the job search and effective strategies for making the
best impression in the job interview process.

Pre-register at: http://coach.uoregon.edu
Registration is free, Travel Assistance is available
For more information, contact Priscilla Lewis: coach at uoregon.edu
Phone: 541-346-0116
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