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Parker, Linda N. (MSFC-ST10)[USRA] linda.parker at nasa.gov
Fri Jan 26 08:56:31 MST 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Dr. Joseph Minow, NASA's Technical Fellow for Space Environments, and his Technical Discipline Team of space environments and effects subject matter experts are developing a spacecraft charging material properties database.  The database will be publically accessible and serve as a shared resource for the general space environments community.  Information on the properties of materials required to conduct surface and internal charging analyses will be archived in the database.  Example parameters to be included are volume and surface conductivity, dielectric constant, secondary electron and backscatter yields, photoelectric current density, and material density.  In addition, full test reports describing the laboratory methods used to obtain the parameters will be archived when available.  The goal is to populate the database with information from the international spacecraft charging community.

Please contact Dr. Linda Parker if you are interested in the database and wish to be included on a distribution list for future announcements when the database is released and the URL for the location of the database.

In addition, we request that individuals or teams interested in contributing to the material database please contact Linda Parker to obtain the template used to submit material properties to the database.  Please note, the information sent must be available to the general public.  At this time, we are not accepting export controlled or proprietary information.

Please feel free to share the email with your colleagues.

lparker at usra.edu<mailto:lparker at usra.edu> or
linda.parker at nasa.gov<mailto:linda.parker at nasa.gov>

Kind Regards,

Linda Parker and Joseph Minow

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