CEDAR email: VarSITI Newsletter Vol.16

SHIOKAWA, Kazuo shiokawa at nagoya-u.jp
Sun Jan 21 18:52:52 MST 2018

From Kazuo Shiokawa (shiokawa at nagoya-u.jp)

SCOSTEP's VarSITI (Variability of the Sun and Its Terrestrial Impact, 2014-2018)

VarSITI Newsletter volume 16 has now been published.  The PDF file is available at 
Below are the contents of this volume.  

Contents of VarSITI Newsletter Volume 16

1. A new database of radiation doses at commercial flight altitudes due to solar particle storms is linked to GLE database
2. ISEST Working Group 5: Bs Challenge
3. Database of Directivity Functions of Neutron Monitors
4. Creation of a Database for Atmospheric and Whistler Events Detected in the Russian Far East

Highlights on Young Scientists
1. Jackson McCormick/ USA
2. Mateja Dumbović/ Austria

Meeting Reports
1. IRI 2017 Workshop, National Central University, Taoyuan City, Taiwan,
November 13-17
2. ISEST (International Study of Earth-Affecting Solar Transients) Workshop in 2017

Upcoming Meetings

Short News
1. Continuation of the German ROMIC project

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