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First Announcement

7th International HEPPA-SOLARIS Workshop

11-15 June 2018, Roanoke, Virgina, USA

Please save the date: The 7th International HEPPA-SOLARIS Workshop will be
June 11-15, 2018 in Roanoke Virginia. The workshop will focus on
observational and modeling studies of the influences of solar radiation (SR)
and energetic particle precipitation (EPP) on the atmosphere and climate.
Broad topics to be covered include a) the causes and phenomenology of SR
and EPP variability, b) mechanisms by which SR and EPP forcing affect
atmospheric composition and dynamics, c) contributions of SR and EPP
forcing to variations in space, atmosphere, and climate, and d) the current
state of the art and outlook for relevant observations and models. The
workshop will include talks and posters. It will be hosted by the Center
for Space Sciences and Engineering at Virginia Tech, and will be held at
the Hotel Roanoke. A web page with abstract submission guidelines will be
available and announced shortly. For more information contact Scott Bailey (
baileys at vt.edu) or Brentha Thurairajah (brenthat at vt.edu).



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