CEDAR email: Call for abstracts: Geospace coupling session in TESS 2018

Toshi Nishimura toshi16 at bu.edu
Fri Jan 5 14:14:19 MST 2018

In the Triennial Earth-Sun Summit (TESS) meeting (20-24 May 2018, Leesburg,
Virginia), we will hold a session entitled "Coupling processes in Geospace
during enhanced solar wind driving". This session covers a broad range of
topics in magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling. The session theme
includes a variety of coupling processes across latitudes/longitudes and
scales as listed below.

The abstract submission deadline is 20 February 2018.

Coupling processes in Geospace during enhanced solar wind driving

Geospace is a highly coupled system that involves inter-regional and
cross-scale interaction processes. Those processes are particularly evident
during disturbed conditions driven by enhanced solar wind driving and
explosive release of magnetotail energy, which results in storms and
substorms. To achieve system-level understanding of the terrestrial space
environment, it is essential to understand plasma and energy transport by
particles and fields to/from neighboring domains in the
magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere system. Examples of those can be
found in magnetopause processes, plasma circulation (plume, patches and
outflow), particle injection/energization/precipitation, fast flow
channels, wave-particle interaction, and field-aligned currents. It is
critical to utilize growing capability of observations by multi-satellites
and ground-based network such as the Heliophysics/Geospace System
Observatory, as well as global/multi-scale simulations, for advancing
community's understanding of Geospace dynamics.

This session solicits presentations on a wide range of coupling processes
in the Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere system; including
solar wind-magnetosphere interaction, tail-inner magnetosphere interaction,
magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere coupling, and global magnetospheric
processes. Observations in space and ground, simulations and theory are
invited. Recent progresses, future planning and discussion on open
questions are welcome.

Toshi Nishimura, Christine Gabrielse, and Ying Zou
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