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Please consider contributing or attending the following session at the Triennial Earth-Sun Summit 20-24 May 2018 in Leesburg (VA). Abstract submission is now open via the TESS website (https://connect.agu.org/tess2018/home ):

Whole Atmosphere Modeling: How well do we understand the physics of thermosphere-ionosphere interactions?
The relative importance of atmospheric terrestrial weather and solar drivers in defining the thermospheric dynamics, composition, and ultimately in setting up the ionospheric electric wind dynamo are now recognized as critically important for the development of the next generation models of a fiduciary thermosphere and ionosphere. To this end, models that extend from the ground to the thermosphere are now capable of including self-consistently the effects of the weather of the day and are also starting to use ionospheric modules. The goal of this session is to encourage papers that discuss new findings, challenges and uncertainties in the field of aeronomy that help qualify and quantify the complex physics of the thermosphere vis a vis its interactions with the ionosphere. While the focus of this session is on theoretical models of the thermosphere and ionosphere, model simulations require observational data for validation and at the same time models can help support interpretation of observations. Thus, contributions on available and upcoming ground-based and satellite observations that illustrate the challenges in whole atmosphere modeling are also encouraged.

Primary convener: Fabrizio Sassi
Co-convener: Sarah McDonald, H.L. Liu, Christoph Englert


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