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Mon Dec 31 08:23:47 MST 2018

Dear CEDAR Community

JIREP is an international internship program organized by Geophysical
of Peru at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory in Lima, Peru.

Given its location, capabilities, and instrumentation, the Jicamarca
Radio Observatory (JRO) is a unique research facility and the perfect
place to start your career in the world of science!

Our program is offered to junior/senior undergraduate, and/or first
and second year graduate students. The program will cover the travel
expenses (to and from Lima) as well as a reasonable stipend. Given
that the Observatory is located outside Lima city, transportation will
be provided.

This is the opportunity to get valuable international work experience
and get to know Peru, heir to ancient cultures and rich colonial

Please consider the following dates to apply to the program.
* Application deadline: February 22, 2019
* Decision: February 28, 2019
* Starting date: Anytime between May and June, 2019
* Duration: 10 weeks (as maximun)

More information about our program are available at our website:
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
jirep at jro.igp.gob.pe

Looking forward to see you at JRO and Peru in 2019.

Dave and Marco
David Hysell <david.hysell at cornell.edu>,
Marco Antonio Milla <marco.milla at jro.igp.gob.pe>,
Shermely Moyna  shermely.moyna at jro.igp.gob.pe

Shermely Moyna Rendón
Telf : 051(1)- 317-2313
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