CEDAR email: Call for EGU abstracts: Dynamics and interaction of processes in Earth and its space environment

Claudia Stolle cstolle at gfz-potsdam.de
Sun Dec 16 09:43:37 MST 2018

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the following interdisciplinary 
session at the EGU General Assembly 7-12 April 2019 in Vienna and invite 
you to consider submitting an abstract:

Dynamics and interaction of processes in Earth and space environment: 
global observations and modelling

Many recent advances in space sciences, geomagnetism, and gravity arose 
from combining specific knowledge of these areas in interdisciplinary 
research. Questions addressed are, for example: What features of 
ionospheric currents do we discover when we understand the shape, 
strengths, and variation of the geomagnetic background field, e.g., with 
respect to influences by upward propagating atmospheric waves? Which 
ionospheric processes need to be better quantified to achieve complete 
knowledge of global core or crustal field variations? How does knowledge 
of the geometry of ionospheric and magnetospheric sources help in 
determining Earth’s conductivity in the geomagnetic field? How strongly 
do we need to consider Earth’s conductivity in quantifying ionospheric 
currents? How can we quantify and correct for ionospheric perturbations 
to achieve the best gravity field solutions? Finally, what can we learn 
about space sciences by studying ionospheric effects on geodetic 

The session invites contributions on any of the subjects and in 
particular on results that benefit from interdisciplinary works in the 
areas of space science, geomagnetism, and gravity. Submissions are 
welcomed that contain analyses of global satellite or ground 
observations or modelling studies, including a combination of both.

Abstracts can be directly submitted from
The abstract submission deadline is 10 January 2019, 13:00 CET.

Kind regards,
Claudia Stolle, Patrick Alken, Alexander Grayver, Adrian Jaeggi, Rumi 
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