CEDAR email: Whole Heliosphere & Planetary Interactions (2019)

Ryan Michael Mcgranaghan Ryan.Mcgranaghan at colorado.edu
Thu Dec 13 10:44:46 MST 2018

It’s solar minimum. In the tradition of Whole Sun Month (1996) and Whole
Heliosphere Interval (2008), it’s time for Whole Heliosphere & Planetary
Interactions (2019) - WHPI!

Goal? A coordinated observing and modeling effort to characterize the
three-dimensional interconnected solar-heliospheric-planetary system. By
focussing on specific solar rotations near solar minimum, structures and
activity can be unambiguously traced throughout the heliosphere and into
planetary space environments.

When? 3 target intervals:
 Jul 2019 - Solar eclipse
 Sep 2019 - Parker Solar Probe at perihelion
 Dec 2019 - Parker Solar Probe Venus flyby

Who? Everyone is welcome - it’s a grassroots effort.  Sign up - we will
have telecons and workshops to coordinate analyses.

See https://whpi.hao.ucar.edu for further details.

Ryan McGranaghan (on behalf of Sarah Gibson)

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